Shelby & James | A Boulder, CO Enagagement Session


Shelby & James are tying the knot this September in Wyoming and were recently in the Boulder area when we decided to schedule thief engagement session:) We met at the base of NCAR (which is currently my favorite spot to shoot!) and had the typical gorgeous Colorado evening. We learned more about each other and I think even James had a tiny bit of fun 😉 I always tease the guys that it really wont be that bad. . . let’s face it, guys just aren’t as excited as us girls are to have their photos taken. But I think if you ask him, he might even admit that he had a good time! James flies a crop-duster for work and I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty awesome! Maybe next time we’ll take some photos from the air!!

Anyway, I asked Shelby to give all you Brides & Grooms that are starting to plan your weddings some advice from their perspective. Here’s what she had to say!

“We are still in the planning stage, but have already learned so much. A few things I would definitely say we have learned is “do not sweat the small stuff” and don’t stress yourself out over the gritty details. We had a potential problem with our initial reception venue (as we are getting married in the middle of football season) and rather than stressing about the issue, we just moved our reception to another town. Our guests will have to travel just a little ways between the ceremony and reception, but we decided that those people that want to be there on our big day won’t mind and it will give James and I a little piece of mind that no one will have to drive after our reception.

From a bride on choosing your dress… go with your first instinct! The very first wedding gown I tried on is the one I ended up purchasing even though I spent countless hours trying to decide between two. And now looking back, I find it silly that I spent that much time worrying and know that I will be happy with the dress I chose. Also, Dora Grace Bridal in Fort Collins was such a fabulous place and I am so happy I get to work with them in regards to my wedding dress. They accommodated my rather large group of supporters I had with me while I was trying on dresses and for that, I am so thankful!

We have also found so much relief in choosing family and friends to help us with our big day. My cousin, Bre Schindler, will be doing all of our flowers and it is so nice to have her on board. I have not thought twice about what my flowers will look like and have complete confidence in her that she will bring exactly what I want on the big day! I just send her ideas and she stores them away. (I also have to brag as she was named the Designer of the Year in 2016 by the Arizona State Florist Association and since that nomination has been mentioned by so many wonderful wedding vendors.)

Lastly, we have found so much joy in choosing Sarah Hill as our photographer for our big day. We booked her by chance and a recommendation from a college friend and are so happy with our decision. Even though James was a little fed up with engagement photos (as we had already done one session with a family friend) Sarah made us feel so comfortable and our engagement photos turned out beautiful! We cannot wait to have Sarah join us on our big day.”

(I promise I didn’t ask them to say that! So sweet!)

Enjoy their engagement session and stay tuned for their wedding pics!!


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