Mike & Isabelle | Eldora, CO | Engagement Session

Mike and Isabelle are the people you meet and you feel like you’ve know them forever. We got connected through Mike’s cousin who I know from high school and have photographed her family a couple of times. We met at a local coffee shop and chatted about how they met and the plans they had for their wedding. We instantly connected and as I was walking out of our meeting I got a text from Mike, “Will you be our wedding photographer?”. They proposed to me! ha ha! Kinda, but it was great! I knew we’d make a great team:)

Isabelle’s family has the sweetest cabin in Eldora where they knew they wanted to do their engagement session. They packed up their pups and we headed up to find some snow. Although it was a 69 degree day in town we knew it would be a winter wonderland up in Eldora. We couldn’t have picked a better day! It was snowy, but warm enough that we all didn’t freeze and their pups. . . well they had a fantastic time! We wondered in the woods a bit and got some gorgeous shots of the two of them. As we were hiking back to their truck we decided it would be fun to have a little snowball fight. Mike & Isabelle each got each other pretty good and got some laughs. We hopped in the truck and headed back to the cabin. On the way, there was a little spot we jumped out to grab a quick photo and as they were wrapping each other up Isabelle says, “Oh no! Sarah, do you have my ring?” THAT IS NEVER A GOOD QUESTION! My heart fell out of my chest. . . she didn’t have her ring on! (AND WE WERE IN THE SNOW PEOPLE!) I had taken a few shots of her ring off of her finger before we had gotten into the truck to head back to the cabin and I was 99% sure I had given it back to her, but when this happened I totally second guessed myself! I ran through the thoughts in my head and realized that yes, I had definitely given it back so it must’ve fallen off her hand during their snowball fight! YIKES! We started to search the truck but then quickly decided to head back to where we had come from before it got dark. We jumped out of the truck and started looking all over the ground (SNOW) for a lost diamond. OMG. . . what was going to happen if we couldn’t find it. I felt so terrible! Isabelle was so calm the entire time but she HAD to be freaking out inside! At one point she said, “What if I threw a snowball and my ring came flying off and few into the woods?” WORST CASE SCENARIO! 10 seconds later, Mike who had decide to check the truck again yelled, “FOUND IT!” It was wrapped up in a blanket in the back of the truck where Isabelle had thrown her jacket after she had taken it off. The ring must have slipped off with her jacket and fallen into the bed of the truck. For the love!! We all shrieked and felt a huge sigh of relief!

Now we know without a doubt that the Universe wants these two to be together forever!!! No doubt!

I’m so happy to share these gorgeous photos with you all and cannot wait for Mike & Isabelle’s Shupe Homestead wedding this summer!



The photo on the left is literally when she looked down and her ring was gone! The right photo was after we had found it!

Hold onto that baby!!sarah-hill-photography-colorado-engagement_6398.jpg

Their family cabin:)


  1. Alex G says:

    These are beautiful pics of my favorite couple! Mike and Isabelle look so happy and natural, and the doggies are really cute.

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