Looking back I really wish we could’ve stayed longer, but I guess getting back to real life was a necessity as much as we wanted to frolic under the Tuscan sun forever (see what I did there?!). Debbie & Andreas were the awesome couple who hired Jami and I for their wedding and without their […]

Leyton’s 6th Birthday Party was a hit! (Yes, I said 6th!) How on earth is he that old already!? Originally Leyton had asked if he could have a bowling party (which we did end up doing just the 4 of us!) but after I heard about Canyon Critters and told Leyton about it, there was […]

Before this trip was planned it was decided by my best friend Shaina & I that once we were done with being pregnant, having babies and finished breast feeding we would treat ourselves to a tropical vacation! It was a dream that became a reality last week! Four of us mommas, Shaina, Jodi, Annie and […]

It’s not every day that I get to be in front of the camera let alone get my husband to partake in the action as well! When Alicia of Alicia Ann Photographers put out a little feeler on social media saying that she was going to be in Colorado and was looking for a few […]

So far this summer has been awesome! We took a camping trip to Moab, we are leaving for Estes Park today and we spent a whole week in New York at our friends placeĀ on Lake Nebo! The kids have exceeded all my expectations for traveling and have been loving every second of it! It’s been […]

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