Our Summer Trip to Europe!

With Summer rapidly coming to an end I figured I better get this post finished up with! We had an amazing start to our 2018 Summer with a 2 week trip to Europe! We flew to London and visited with old friends, spent a few days in the English countryside then flew to Naples, Italy and met up with our best friends Wes, Leigh Ann and Antonetta! We explored the Southern part of Italy stopping at Lecce, Matera and then the Almalfi Coast. We explored tiny towns in between on our journey and ate LOTS of gelato! Leyton & Kyler were amazing and can now say they are International Travelers! They really did great with all the flights, car rides and wandering that we are excited to book our next trip!

Take a peek at the mix of iPhone shots and professional camera shots I got along the way:)

About to take off at DIA | May 22, 2018

Arrived at our first destination about 11 hours later! A cute little Airbnb in London.
Quick cat nap then out to explore!

Took the tube into the heart of the city that very day!

I met the Royals!

The London Eye

Buckingham Palace. The flag is up, meaning the Queen was home!

We saw The Lion King that night. . . someone slept through the whole thing.
A bit jet lagged, I’d say.

Our British friends! Tanner and Chloe lived together when Tanner studied abroad and we met Dino while we were in New Zealand for a year! SO great to meet back up with them!!!

Espresso Martini’s were a highlight! Thanks Dino!

Brick Lane for some curry!

After a few days in the city we met up with another friend that Tanner lived with when he studies abroad! Charlotte and her family were the perfect hosts!
Sam, Harry and Edie made friends right away with Leyton and Ky!

Soap Box Derby!

Time to leave our British friends and jet to Italy!

First stop, Lecce! With the cutest Airbnb, we were right in the historic part of the city.

The Southern part of Italy is so different from the other places I’ve been in Italy! Who knew there were so many palm trees? It was very tropical and so beautiful!

I creeped on a Bride & Groom for a few minutes!

Dining al fresco was one of our favorite things. . . oh and of course gelato!

From Lecce, our first day trip was to Porto Cesareo.
Gorgeous beach and much needed break from the heat!
Stop in Gallipoli on the way back to Lecce for the night. Gorgeous views and yummy gelato, duh!

THE CREW! Such great travel partners!!

Perfect spot for a snack and a beverage!

Next day trip was to our favorite spot! Torre Sant’Andrea was the most beautiful place!
We jumped off cliffs and swam through natural rock arches. Great day!

Paradise! And we had the place basically to ourselves!

Quick stop in Otranto on the way back to Lecce for our last night.

Back in Lecce for a gorgeous dinner followed by. . . you guessed it, more gelato!

Headed out the next day to our next destination, Matera, but decided to stop in this funky little place called Alberobello on the way. The town is famous for famous for its unique trullo buildings which are made out of only stone and have a dome shaped roof. All whitewashed made for a gorgeous little spot! (Although tourist city!!)

Made it to Matera! WOW! This was the view right out our front door!

Matera is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world!

One night and then we were off to the Almalfi Coast. A CRAZY drive to get there on the smallest, windiest road you’ve ever seen, but we made it. . . thanks to Wes, driving white knuckled the whole time! Drinks all around!

The drive was worth it! Look at our view! Our favorite Airbnb of the trip! We stayed in Praiano which is one town over from the ever popular Positano. We LOVED Praiano! Much less crowded, actually not crowded at all and lovely!

We were there for an Italian holiday where they created these gorgeous
masterpieces using flower pedals!

Trekking down to the beach!

Marina di Praia! 

We ran into these guys the day before on the beach! We recognized them, but thought. . . nah, that can’t be them! BUT, yes! Rebecca & Cori were our old yoga instructors in Colorado! They were there on a 6 week trip with their two kids! We hung out all day on the beach together and rented a gorgeous boat the next day for a tour of the whole Almalfi Coast by sea.

Trying to touch the arch!

Living the life kids!

Positano! Gorgeous!

Back at our Airbnb for our nightly vino!

Our last morning in Italy and found the perfect breakfast spot:)

LAST gelato. . . I went BIG! 

June 7, 2018
To say we had a great time would be an understatement. The experiences we had will never be forgotten and the boys now are International Travelers! They did amazing and are excited to go on our next trip. . . which btw as I was working on this post, we booked. . .
Costa Rica here we come (with some of our wonderful friends from this very same trip!!)!

Bye Europe. . . The Hills WILL BE BACK! 

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