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I, for one, am thankful that bridesmaid dresses have come such a LONG way in the last 20 years! Horrible styles that you could never and would never wear ANYWHERE else are finally gone. From shooting weddings over the past few years, I’ve only seen absolutely gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and I’m sure that anyone would look for any excuse to re-wear them! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your bridesmaids’ dresses, look no further! I’ve collected some images from all over the web that reflect some of the cool trends and styles I’ve seen recently. Hopefully, these style tips will help give some inspo for your own ceremony.


Credits: White, Yellow, Navy


I’ve always found navy to be a very elegant color. I think it’s a good way to give a little dramatic flair without going all the way black. It’s also a lovely, classic color that can elevate the elegance of your wedding style without sweating other details. 


Who says the bride is the only one who gets to wear white? I’ve seen a number of stylish white bridesmaids gowns recently. They really give a fresh and high-end look to compliment the bride. They’re also PERFECT for a monochrome look if you’re going for a striking bridal party. 

Earth Tones

Oranges, terracotta, and yellows are coming back! With more and more inspiration coming from nature and the great outdoors, you can expect to see these tones pop up at weddings too. Earthy tones are easy to pair with any outdoor wedding and look good on everyone. They’re also a little quirky so they’re perfect for a bride looking for a way to bring a little personality into her bridal party. 


Credits: Satin, Velvet

Velvet and Satin fabrics are in! I love these looks because they call back to the 80s and 90s. Velvet and satin are fun because they bring a shine to bridesmaids dresses that is more elegant and classy than rhinestones or sparkles. Velvet is particularly perfect because the fabric is lightweight and soft, plus it can look great on a number of body types! These looks are seriously in right now and you’d find them on just about any style tips blog.


If you’re looking for something elegant and high end, floor-length gowns are the way to go! They’re more formal in look than shorter gowns and definitely the route to go. Even more fun, long gowns allow you to play with slits for some extra flair.


Credit: Halter, Cowl Neck

I’m also really excited about all the new kinds of necklines I’ve seen coming into fashion recently! Halter neck and cowl necks seem really popular at the moment. Like any of the colors and fabrics I’ve talked about, they tend to look good on anyone, which might explain why they seem to pop up all the time. Cowl necklines are also really unique and funky, not to mention FUN. They’re definitely worth a look if you’re hoping to find something that is flattering and elegant but a little off the beaten path. 

Bringing It All Together

Credits:  &

No need to all match! Mix and match dresses are the way to go! Choose a color and let your bridesmaids pick their own dresses! Encourage textures, patterns, and different fabrics. Just make sure to get them all together before you ok them all to make sure they complement each other! This super mix-matched look works best with 6 or more bridesmaids.

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