Why You Should Invest in Family Photos


Let’s talk about family portraits!! I feel like most people have a love-hate relationship with family photo sessions.  One one hand, you want to capture special memories for your family, and “freeze time” because it’s flying by!

On the other hand, many people view family sessions as a “luxury,” and don’t know if it’s worth the effort to get everyone dressed up, take a drive, and get in front of the camera for an hour.

Well I’m here to tell you that it IS worth it!!  Our lives are ever changing and kids never stop growing.  Time flies by and I feel that it is SO important to preserve these memories while you can!

It may be an investment in the moment, but family sessions produce images that will be treasured for a lifetime.  So I’m going to share some of the reasons I believe it is SO important to schedule a session for your family! 🙂


Why You Should Invest in a Family Session


1. They document precious time

The truth is, time goes WAY too fast!  Your kids are constantly changing, and you think you’ll remember each stage as if it were yesterday.  But those memories fade, and you’ll be so thankful for photos of your children when you forget exactly how tiny those little fingers were!


2. They’re FUN!

Family sessions don’t have to be serious at all.  I love to showcase who you are, and how you interact together!  We’ll laugh, play, run around, and capture the real stuff!  Family sessions are all about relaxing and having a great time with those you love. 🙂


3. The photos make great Christmas cards (and gifts!)

It’s always fun to receive a holiday card with an updated family photo!  You can also use your new photos to create fun gifts like mugs, calendars, notepads, albums, and more!


4. You can finally get in front of the camera

I know this can seem really scary, but how many photos have you taken of your kids that you are NOT in?! When you look back at these special years, you want to look back and see the interactions and the fun you have had…together!



5. The photos can create beautiful home decor

What better way to decorate your home than with photos of your family?! Your gorgeous new images are perfect for framing in the hallway, hanging in the living room, or setting on a beside table.  There are so many fun gallery options and I’m more than happy to help you with this!

6. You are investing in an experience

I’ve heard it many times. “My friends can take some quick photos for me.”  That may be true, but will they capture all the moments in between as well?  When you schedule a session with your family you are not just buying digital photos…you are investing in an experience!  A professional photographer has all the tools and knowledge necessary to make your session amazing, and it will show! 🙂


When it comes down to it, you have to prioritize investments for your family.  If documenting your family every year, every other year or every 3rd year is in your priority list, I recommend budgeting for it at the beginning of the year! This way you can schedule your session in advance and have plenty of time to plan, prepare, and get ready to take some amazing photos!

 5 years from now, you won’t regret investing in a family photo session.  You’ll only regret not having those photos when it’s too late!

To learn more about the SHP portrait session experience, start here!  I would love to work with you! 🙂


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