How to Choose a Location for Your Engagement Session


You’re ENGAGED!!! Congratulations!  There’s a sparkly new ring on your finger, and lots of exciting new things to plan.  You’ve picked your date, chosen the perfect venue, and hired the perfect photographer (wink! wink!)  Now it’s time to commemorate this incredibly special time in your life – these exciting months before you tie the knot!

Engagement sessions are so much fun, and a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day.  I love them for so many reasons!  Your first thought was probably, what am I going to wear?” so you read my post all about What to Wear for your Engagement Session!  But now you may be wondering “Where should we go to take our photos?”

Great news! 🙂 I have 4 tips for you to help choose the perfect location for your engagement session! So let’s dive right in!


How to Choose a Location for your Engagement Photos


1) Think about your favorite places

I always ask my couples if they have a favorite place before I suggest a location! Or even just a place that means something to you.  Do you have a favorite spot that you go to on the weekends? A favorite coffee shop? The place he proposed? A family cabin?

Maybe there’s even a place you’ve always wanted to go but just haven’t made the time yet!  Whatever it may be, if it’s something that sticks in your mind as a favorite, that may be the perfect location for your photos!


2) Think about your personalities

So what if you don’t have a place that is your go-to?  Consider the personalities of you and your fiance!  Maybe you guys love coffee, and your morning routine revolves around a cup of joe.  Let’s go to a fun and cute coffee shop!

If you love wandering the city streets. . . let’s shoot downtown!

If you are the outdoor adventurous type, let’s go to the top of a mountain.   

Get the picture? 🙂

Once you start thinking about what you naturally love and enjoy, the ideas should start flooding in!

3) Think about the time of day

The time of day you decide to have your engagement photos is also worth considering.  If you choose a place that is particularly busy (especially if it’s a popular location), there is likely to be people in the background of all of your shots.  That’s probably not the look you’re going for!

You may choose a different spot to avoid this altogether, OR you could think about doing a sunrise session!  As the sun is getting up there are many fewer people out and about, so you may have that park or street almost to yourself. And the added bonus? That LIGHT!!!

Which brings me to our final tip…




4) Think about the light

The final thing for you to consider is The LIGHT!  Time of day is everything when it comes to your photos. I can definitely help you with this! My favorite time to shoot is in the 1-2 hours before sunset, when we get that beautiful golden glow in all of your images.  But that light can look different depending on the locations you choose, as it is affected by trees, buildings or landscape.  It is a good idea to run your ideas by your photographer, to make sure the place you’re choosing will give you the best quality images!


Still stuck?

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t thought of the perfect spot for you, I can absolutely help!  I have worked with so many incredible couples in a variety of areas.  So if you don’t have a favorite place, or can’t think of a location to perfectly fit your personalities, I’d be happy to give you some ideas!  There are incredible spots around here! 🙂



Engagement sessions are such a fun experience, and I know we are going to have a blast! So hopefully these tips have been helpful, as you choose the best location for your incredible photos!

I can’t wait to see you!


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