How to Choose the Perfect Getting-Ready Room

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, the ceremony and reception usually steal the show.  You’re already picturing the moment you walk up the aisle, the place you say I-do to the love of your life, and the room where you’ll dance the night away with all of your friends!

But one of the most important, yet often overlooked locations of the wedding day is the getting ready room!  The place you get ready the morning of your wedding is where SO much magic happens, but is sometimes left as an afterthought or planned at the very last minute.  We don’t want this to happen!!

Your getting-ready room will set the tone for your entire day.  Not only will you be doing your hair and makeup in this room, but your wedding day details and getting-into-the-dress shots will be here too!  At this time of the day is when when your hair and makeup are flawless, your flowers are at their beautiful peak, and your dress has just come out of the bag for the first time since your final fitting.

Everything is perfectly perfect in these moments, and we want to capture it in the best way possible!  So here are my best tips for choosing a getting-ready room for your wedding day!

How to Choose a Getting-Ready Room for Your Wedding

1. Find a place with the right style.

It’s important to consider the vibe of your wedding day when you’re choosing a getting-ready space!  If you’re having a clean/modern wedding, you won’t want to get ready in an older hotel – or a space covered in dark wood with burgundy carpet. 🙂 Likewise, if your wedding has a more classic or vintage feel, a ultra-modern suite or a room covered in mirrors wouldn’t be the best option either!  Find a place that fits your wedding style, and your finished gallery will look much more cohesive and put together. 


2. Make sure there is plenty of light

I cannot stress this enough…choose a getting-ready space with LOTS of natural light!  The more windows, the better – because natural light will give you optimum photo quality and help you look your absolute best. (And who doesn’t want to look their best? 🙂 ) A good rule of thumb is, if you turn off all the overhead lights and lamps, is there still enough light in the room?

3. Think about the colors

Another important thing to consider is the wall color of the getting-ready space.  When light fills a room, the walls and ceiling will act like a giant reflector!  So if the space has red/orange/green walls or a lot of dark wood covering, it’s going to bounce back into your faces…and you might end up looking like either an alien or an oompah-loompa. 🙂  Neutral wall colors will help you have the best skin tones and look the most true to life, so think WHITE, off-white, or light gray!


4. Find lots of space!

The final thing to think about is the size of the area!  Is there enough room for you, your mom, all the bridesmaids, the hair and makeup artists, and other family and friends?  A wedding day can be stressful enough with all those people in the same room, so I recommend choosing a place that’s big enough that they won’t be sitting in each other’s laps. 🙂 This means a large hotel suite if you’re getting ready at a hotel, or a spacious hall or bedroom if it’s located at your venue (no tiny bathrooms please!).  This room will be very busy the morning of your wedding, so room to get dressed, hang dresses, and just move around is essential!

Choosing a getting-ready space doesn’t have to be an overwhelming part of your planning process.  When in doubt, just think white, windows and plenty of blank space!  With these things in mind, you’ll be able to pick a great location…and go into your wedding day with confidence and ease!

I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day! 🙂  

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